Medical Trial series

In 2005 to raise some much-needed cash I volunteered myself for a medical experiment, travelling between Birmingham and London for 4 lots of 5-day stints, the trial was excruciating. During this time I made a series of diary drawings/collages using the material to hand, bandages, ECG pads (complete with body hair) and cough sweets; these were then exhibited in chronological order for a two man show “The Difference is Why” at Laden Fuer Nichts, Leipzig Germany. The money was used to travel Germany with my new girlfriend Vanessa. Suffering several financial setbacks over the years I started taking a liking to earning money in this way, so I went through further medical trials, treating them as self-initiated artist residencies.

Medical Trail Series, 2005
297mm x 210mm
Mixed Media on paper
(32/ 72 drawings)

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