This is no place for a girl on fire

Following on from ‘A Digital Suicide’, where I spent a year and a half rendering every piece of personal metadata and imagery from my deleted Facebook into a physical drawing and then a tome. afterwards I redirected my gaze to the profile of a third party, Hollywood’s highest paid actress and star of the Hunger Games series, Jennifer Lawrence. Here I was interested in the fact that the star’s most personal data was stolen and posted on the internet in a scandal called “the fappening”. Probably the most photographed actress in Hollywood had now her most intimate iPhone content being viewed, shared, and downloaded by millions of unknown internet users. I started sketching these images from pornsite Pornhub as traditional nude sketches, then moved onto oil and gesso on canvas. Was there something redeeming about rendering this digital content into fine art, or does the series say something more about the history of the male gaze and the depravity of the internet?

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