Norröna completed during an artist residency in Seyðisfjörður Iceland, tells the story of one eccentric inhabitant Richard Canaday. Cutting between a portrait of the Norröna cruise ship and Canaday, we hear the story of how he come to be in this remote township. Canaday cast his eyes on Norröna as a vehicle of escape and possible advancement, however the failure in Canaday’s attempts resulted in him becoming a permanent fixture in Seyðisfjörður. Canaday loaned me a copy of Bob Dylan’s Tempest during my stay in the town. Dylan’s song tells the story of the Titanic’s demise, where the music links my personal relationship with Canaday I liken the ill-fated voyage to the potential yet inevitable failure of Canaday’s intent, thus cutting the 14 minute song short with interruptions, explosions and irritating references to James Cameron’s epic disaster movie.

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